NOLOS 2017

So, a super cool thing happened today, guys. I was published for the first time today! It is a poem and photograph that was selected from hundreds of entries for the University NOLOS Literary Magazine. Though I am a few steps away from publishing my novel, this publication is my first entry into the public [...]

We need to talk and here’s 13 Reasons Why.

"Hannah Baker here, loud and in stereo..." (13 Reasons Why) The Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" premiered on the streaming site as of March 31, 2017 (in celebration of Jay Asher's 10 year old publication) and though it is barely a week old, the Netflix show has taken over social media and classroom discussions everywhere... WHICH [...]

I have unearthed from my cozy rock.

I'm sorry for my hiatus, but sometimes its better to be under the rock, than having it thrown at you.  Recently, I have found myself at worn down that the stone Tuck talked about in Tuck Everlasting. I'm embedded in a flowing river and the everlasting current has worn my edges. I'm not sure if [...]

A Tale as old as Time… Told Anew.

Robert and I forced ourselves out of bed at midnight to go see the brand new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! (The showtime was at 12:40, but we wanted to make sure popcorn was available, before possibly making a midnight McDonald's run before the  movie. Anyways, the movie was phenomenal! I found myself on the edge [...]

Anna Karenina

Prior to watching this 2012 film that was directed by English Director, Joe Wright, I knew very little about the plot line. I originally knew that the film was a valentine to Leo Tolstoy’s 1877 novel “Anna Karenina”[1] and that it centered around a toxic love affair between a Russian aristocrat (Kiera Knightly) and Count [...]

Today is the Day!

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Breanna, I have an interview waiting for me at a restaurant in Bartlett! Hopefully I land the job (I'd  like to think I have a good personality), but no matter the outcome, I am so grateful to Bre for pulling a few strings. She's  rad 😎. Wish me good luck!! [...]