I have unearthed from my cozy rock.

I’m sorry for my hiatus, but sometimes its better to be under the rock, than having it thrown at you.  Recently, I have found myself at worn down that the stone Tuck talked about in Tuck Everlasting. I’m embedded in a flowing river and the everlasting current has worn my edges.

I’m not sure if it has to do with it being the final weeks of the second semester, or if it has to do with the two jobs i’m working, or if it has to do with the slow decline of my physical health from being an overworked college student battling the spouts of minimum wage, student loans, and the struggling addiction I have with the stationary section at my local Barnes and Nobles. (Sorry for that run on sentence. I’m a writer. I should know better.)

Anyways, it seems that the stress it eating away at my body. I can feel my head throb from background noise, video games, the LED screen of my laptop of which i’m using right now. I just want all the noise to quiet for a bit. just a bit. maybe just enough for me to clear my thoughts. I’d like that. Everybody is attacking each other all over the world… casting stone to those that they don’t agree with. From the small college campuses, to the large national entities, people are casting stones.

That’s particularly why I’ve been hiding under mine… Why you haven’t heard from me in a few weeks. (Well, that and every free moment I’ve been gifted post work, school, and more work… has been filled with sleep).

Anyways, I’ve been unearthed from my rock and am now motivated to work hard on myself, my book, my schooling, and basically everything I’v been putting off (including my blog)

So thank you for letting me sleep and thank you for letting me bitch. I’m back and ready to fill your screens with my lovely words of semi wisdom.



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