A Tale as old as Time… Told Anew.

Robert and I forced ourselves out of bed at midnight to go see the brand new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! (The showtime was at 12:40, but we wanted to make sure popcorn was available, before possibly making a midnight McDonald’s run before the  movie.

Anyways, the movie was phenomenal! I found myself on the edge of my seat and laughing with the characters, but also crying for others. I think that is the sign of a strong film. (Despite the tears for burnt popcorn… im kidding… kinda.)

The sets were absolutely beautiful and the costuming as well! I know there  was some backlash for the dress not being exact to the cartoon, BUT IT WAS STILL  GORGEOUS. Look, this is what 90’s Belle would’ve looked like in the gold dress.

Still. A. BELLE.

Emma Watson was something to get used to. I felt, in a specific scene, that was watching Hermione in THE GOBLET OF FIRE. As the movie went on though, I realizes Watson was perfect for the role.

My favorite number was a new song that was added that the Beast sang about Belle. I would solely go again, just for that number. Fortunately for my college budget, it is on YouTube. (Nevermind, i just looked. It’s not there yet… time to buy another ticket 😅)

MY FAVORITE PART: when Belle learned of her mother. Go see it. You will understand.

the one thing I did not like was a 3 second exchange of dialogue between Belle and the Beast. It at the end of the movie.

Nevertheless, the movie was fantastic. Don’t listen to the bad reviews. Go see it.for yourself!!⚘



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