Avatar (2009) Film Review

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My review of the 2009 blockbuster hit Avatar, directed by a Canadian film director named James Cameron, will attempt to explain how this film was revolutionary. Back in 1997, James Cameron wowed the audience with Titanic, but was barely mentioned afterwards, until his unveiling of Avatar, over a decade later.

What made Avatar so revolutionary were the astounding CGI effects that were so detailed, it was nearly impossible for the audience to distinguish the actual filmed scenes, over the computer generated ones. A great comparison for the difference would be Jake Sully’s first moments in his avatar’s body. Alongside the big blue avatar, were human actors interacting with the foreign species. The realistic effects made the scene extremely believable, as if there really was a blue foreign species that was actually acting with the human actors. Because this was such an early scene in the film, it set the tone for the rest of the movie, which was equally as believable throughout the duration.

The attack on the Hometree, which served as the native homeland for the main characters, was an extremely powerful scene in the film. The destruction of such an important place that housed many generations, families, and memories was heartbreaking to watch.  The camera angles shifted from looking up to the tree, to looking down on the tree, as the destruction progressed. This showed the change in power that was taken from the Hometree. The screams and wailing of the characters pulled at the heartstrings of the audience, proving how the direction and production of the film was aimed at its ability to be believable.

The dialog differences between each character strengthen the story. The native characters naturally speak a foreign language from the humans, because they have different education systems and ways of communication, thus creating a language barrier between the two sides and ultimately adding another level of conflict to the plot and film. The scientists also hold different dialogues compared to the military stationed on Pandora. Because the different sides of the human race hold different goals to achieve on the alien planet, different topic are discussed with different tones of speech, which creates another unique distinction about the actors this film.

Overall, Avatar was an amazing film review. Even though the plot line reminded me too much of a science fiction version of Disney’s Pocahontas, the cinematography of the film is quite a spectacle to observe. The nocturnal lighting plants, surreal sound effects, and powerful music that was placed to this film, all help to illustrate the story and awe the audience with visuals they have not seen. Unlike other films, there are many different aspects of the production that are award winning. It is clear that no expense was spared with filming this record-breaking movie.

Award: 5 stars!


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