Phantom of the Opera is True Music of the Night

Last night, as an early birthday present (super early… My birthday is May 29th) my mother took me to see my longtime FAVORITE Broadway production. They were touring in Madison, Wisconsin. So I hopped in the tank (2001 suburban) and drove from college to mom’s house and then I switched cars and she drove her 2016 Impala to downtown Madison. That car is amazing. Its like riding in a cloud that just so happens to have state-of-the-art speakers and bass.
Anyways, we got there and were immediately overwhelmed by the attention to detail that the Overture Center of the Arts achieved for this production. The lighting in the lobby area created a mask!

(That must be what Heaven looks like…. The mask of course 🙊)

My mother and I arrived early, in hopes of getting our pictures taken and a drink (diet coke, for me), but nobody offered to take a picture of the touristy duo, so mom took a selfie!

When we finally entered the seating for the production, we had phenomenal seats! Left Orchestra E 23 and 24. The view was perfect, aside for having to dodge the woman’s poofy hair in front of me🙀.

The rising chandelier and the dramatic fall were by far my favorite parts in a phenomenally well-done production. The use of fog, fire, candles, ropes, and completely decadent costuming added to the ballet dancers’ and opera singers’ fantastic performance. I genuilely appreciated it when Meg’s character held the phantom’s mask in the spotlight during the final scene. It really added something special to the bittersweet ending.

Shoutout to the stage crew behind the scenes! There’s no way the production could have been pulled off without them!

Overall, the production was a solid 5/5. (I’d rate it a six if I could 😻)


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