Ian’s Pizza Takes State!

Okay, so Madison, Wisconsin has this happenin’ place at 100 State Street and it is called Ian’s Pizza! Serving their pizza slices similar to a buffet, they offer a multitude of various pizza slices to enjoy. As it was a mother/daughter day, we ordered together. Our order was:
Buffalo Bill BBQ Chicken Pizza Slice

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza Slice

Tomato, Feta, and Spinach Pizza Slice

3 garlic bread sticks (to keep the vampires away, of course!

I also happened to retry coke zero, instead of diet coke. Not bad (really.)

The food was delicious. I’m not one to eat my pizza with a fork ( I’m too savage. Greasy fingers are fine. Tomato sauce on my face? I got it.) But here, you almost need a fork and knife handy (which isn’t bad). The servings are very large.

The customer service was amazing. Most of the employees were college kids and a lot of the customers were too! Everyone was kind and friendly and I wish I could have tipped everyone.

The atmosphere is full of cool things. Check out this:

AND THE PIXEL TRAIL LEADS ALL THE WAY IN! (I told you it was cool)

Plus, with all of that food, the bill was only $18.50. Which makes mom a happy camper.

(And the poor college kid.)

overall rating: 4/5


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