For the Love of Spock


First off, I would like to say, yes, I can read a calendar. and yes, I know it is 2/5 and this review is a date late. I get it. I need to stay on top of my blog posts. Speaking of which… I’ve been seriously lacking my Tumblr Treasures. augh. I’ll be better. (I pwomiseeee)


For the Love of Spock a documentary film about the  Star trek character that transcended generations and the actor that played him (Leonard Nimoy). This film was created by Adam Nimoy, who is Leonard Nimoy’s son.

This documentary invokes that nostalgic spark that floods every Star Trek fan and explored the growth of not only Spock, but also every person impacted by his Vulcan charisma (or lack of).

Adam Nimoy did and fantastic job in the creation of this documentary and taking the viewers back in time to relive the 60’s and every Star Trek experience since then.

The details of Leonard’s personal life created a 4th dimension to the Spock character he played.  It was amazing to see how Spock impacted the Nimoy family and how it defined their family at a very young age.

Even though I love Star Trek with a passion, this documentary taught me so much more about the series. It gives life to the scenes, by expressing the passion and inspiration behind them.

Through the adventure of this documentary, I felt strands of nostalgia, heartbreak, laughter, history, pop culture, understanding, dedication and Vulcan tendencies.

I am an avid Star trek person and this documentary was definitely a hit for me. 5 stars, hands down.

This documentary can be found on Netflix.
Live long and Prosper.

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He did.


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