Procrastination? Nahhh…Yaahh

There comes a time when every college kid hits that brick wall called “procrastination”. I sounds scary, I know. I’d bet Tails over Heads that if you are reading this article right now, you have also run into the wall.

Unfortunately, I hit this wall three weeks into the new semester. I was sitting in class fantasizing over curling up into a heated blanket and shamelessly watching  all 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, when I suddenly realize that I haven’t done my assignment for a class later in the day!

I look back through the gap day in my MWF schedule to figure out why on earth would I (a smart, beautiful, intelligent girl… Did I say smart twice) would fail to complete a simple assignment.

That’s when I realized…

Only three weeks into the semester,

I turned into Miguel (Road to El Dorado) when he couldn’t find a valid excuse to not participate in the sacrifice of his gold. (My gold is Netflix time.)

It all makes sense now.


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