When sickness turns to allergies…

Okay, so this season has been especially difficult on my immune system. I’ve been sick a total of four times! FOUR TIMES. I wash my hands all the time and I keep myself clean, but when you are away at college, you are at the mercy of thousands of other 20-somethings and their hygienic habits (or lack of).

Anyways, today I can feel my cold dissipate. My voice is back, fever is gone,  and my appetite is strong (-er than it should be… Shoutout to that empty brownie pan 🙈).So as any flu-infected person would react, it was safe to say I was relieved. THEN my nose got stuffy and my eyes are inanely watery and sensitive to light, dander, and my lovely boyfriend’s man-cave basement.

Its almost like that line… How does it go?

Apparently it can.


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